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International Workshop on
Re-engaging the Generations: Intergenerational Programming in Social Services
04-06 March, 2002
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Organiser: Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis
in conjunction with:Family Studies Research Programme, National University of Singapore
Commission on Gender and Geography, International Geographical Union
supported by: The Wellcome Trust, Lee Foundation

Media Coverage

Experts want more studies on how migration affects Asian families
broadcasted in the programme "News Tonight" on Channel News Asia, 16 April 2001, 1432hrs (GMT) and 2232hrs (SST).

Asia family conference, interview with Associate Professor Brenda Yeoh
broadcasted in the programme "Newsday" on News Radio 93.8, 16 April 2001, 1615hrs.

Family - labour, interview with Dr Maruja M.B. Asis
broadcasted in the programme "Newsday" on News Radio 93.8, 17 April 2001, 1945hrs.

How Globalisation affects the traditional family?

news report in Lian He Zao Bao, 18 April 2001.

Wives lose out when husbands go regional
news report in The Straits Times and The Straits Times Interactive, 25 April 2001.

Every two out of three families follow husbands on jobs overseas

news report in the Lian He Wan Bao, 25 April 2001.

Inserting the maid, interview with Associate Professor Nirmala PuruShotam
broadcasted in the programme "Family Ties" on News Radio 93.8, 30 April 2001. Also broadcasted over RSI 6150khz/49mb and 9600khz/31mb, 28 April (1940hrs), 30 April (2045hrs) and 3 May 2001 (1915hrs).




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